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What is this all about

Because of the increasing use of eBay the market for Märklin articles are growing and growing. Earlier these articles were only sold at special auctions and via classified ads. But nowerdays everyone can get nearly every article in a short time. Of course this also has an influence on their price.

Until now the only source for price information was the price catalogue of Joachim Koll. With eBay it is possibly to track auction and save the prices.

This page tries to do that. Therefore eBay auction have been saved in a database. The focus is on locomotives with article numbers between 300 and 3099. After the auction was finished the price was determined and added to a table. With this table it is possible to calculate an average price. And that is presented on this site.

Because of the high number of articles at eBay you get a representative price. The majority of the articles is in a lightly used condition. So the average price is for this condition and therefore is lower than the price in the Koll catalogue. Broken or defective articles are not tracked. There are seperate lists for articles with and without original package.

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